Sunday, September 29, 2013

Penn State-IUP Photo Gallery

All photos by and courtesy of Steve Hass. Click on any one for an enlarged gallery view.

Senior forward Austin Wagoner

Junior forward Austin Meehan

Freshman forward Abe Edson

Creek Lewis (7) and Ryan Urban (26) celebrate Urban's first-period goal

Wagoner, splitting the D on his first-period goal

Junior forward Franky Reluzco

Junior forward Tim Acker


Junior forward Fredrik Linge

Sophomore defenseman Tyler Person

Senior defenseman Chris Dinsmore

Sophomore forward Taylor Vincent

Head coach Ryan Behnken

An active group of students sang and chanted throughout the contest

Junior forward Neil Laessig

Freshman forward Daniel Matrosic

Freshman goaltender Matthew Erlichman


Freshman defenseman Voight Demeester


  1. Awesome pics, thanks for being dedicated to all PSU hockey teams!!!!!!!

    1. Thanks! Steve is a wizard with that stuff, he's been a huge asset to me over the last couple years (most of my Ice Lions photos last year were from him too, although I don't think I ever presented them in one post like this, I just used them here and there throughout).

      In all honesty, this was one of the most fun weekends I've had!