Friday, September 6, 2013

An Arena in Mastheads

As I'm sure you've noticed, TYT's masthead (and related components like the Twitter avatar) is frequently updated to reflect the state of Pegula Ice Arena. It started out with crude renderings, continued through the construction process, and now reflects a completed product. To celebrate today, which saw the initial movement of equipment and personnel into PIA, here's a look back at everything that has graced the top of this blog. All images can be enlarged by clicking.

What now? I'm open to suggestions and honestly haven't even considered this admittedly inevitable day in terms of TYT's branding. Let me know if you have anything in the comments.

* I'm pretty good about keeping the purely self-indulgent posts to a minimum - just give me this one.

1 comment:

  1. A photo-shopped large pic of Terry Pegula's face and shoulders laid on top of the current pic. He could be right justified with the TYT title left justified.
    The current image with photo-shopped action pics of the men's and women's captains laid on top of current pic on either end.
    Just my two cents. I enjoy your blog. Will be checking it out often for Taylor Gross news and when PSU men head to Air Force.
    Joe, Colorado Springs Gazette