Friday, January 20, 2012

Pegula Ice Arena Approved

The Penn State Board of Trustees, in one of its few positive actions of the last three months, today formally approved the budget, design and construction for the Pegula Ice Arena. The arena, of course, will break ground next month and will serve as home for PSU men's and women's hockey upon its completion for the 2013-2014 season. It will cost $89 million and contain 6,000 seats in the main arena (1,000 for students) as well as 16 suites.

More details concerning the arena's design and a groundbreaking ceremony are expected shortly. For now though (click for full size)...

UPDATE 2:30 P.M.: has posted a photo gallery with cleaner versions of most renderings, as well as a few extras.

UPDATE 2:52 P.M.: I've replaced my screengrabs with the cleaner pictures from the gallery where applicable. I've also left a couple of the screengrabs that didn't look to be included in the gallery.

UPDATE 4:10 P.M.: I found an upgrade on a few pictures from the Penn State Live release and replaced the affected pictures with better copies.

UPDATE 9:05 A.M. 1/21: Another picture quality upgrade. Next time we build a hockey arena, someone remind me to check the attachments in my emailed release from Penn State athletics before scrambling to throw pictures up as quickly as possible. In my defense, I'm not used to being treated like I'm legit.


  1. Thanks for the update Kyle. Do you have a link for the press conference that was streamed? Also, is there a clearer version of the floor-plans from the last screenshot in your article?

  2. Hey Greg, no problem. The streaming was done by WPSU via UStream. I took a quick look on their channel ( and it doesn't look like they saved the full meeting. The Collegian did a pretty good job of capturing most of what was said in this piece: Basically, Ford Stryker, a VP with OPP did a very high-level presentation on the basic well-known-by-now attributes of the arena and showed several slides. I did screengrabs on as many as I could, not knowing if renderings would be out before the meeting was adjourned and wanting to get something up ASAP.

    Long story short, I replaced my screengrabs with the better quality pictures when they became available shortly after. Those last two were not part of any official release, so the screengrabs remain. I'll email the media contact and see if they plan on putting those out as well, but for now, that's all I have.