Monday, October 31, 2011

Three Stars: October 24-30

3. Ice arena, chiller plant clear borough review
(Centre Daily Times)

Your latest Pegula Ice Arena mundane planning details: bike racks, walkways to the field hockey venue, more trees in front (but not too many, because that defeats the purpose of having a giant glass wall there).

2. Lady Icer Elizabeth Denis works toward graduate degree
(Daily Collegian)

The bar has officially been set for the Collegian's hockey coverage this year with this piece. Meet Elizabeth Denis and her unique backstory, which of course includes experience playing at Brown - but also work on a Ph.D. in geosciences (and PSU has the third-ranked geoscience program in the country, who knew?).

1. Icers' Olczyk finds a home at Penn State
(Pennsylvania Puck)

I never wore Penn State gear as an undergrad, except to football and hockey games - one of my favorite items was a Cleveland State lid. Tommy Olczyk would not be pleased.

Best of the Rest

Ice Lions Sweep Their Weekend Road Trip

This video, with T.J. Laessig and Mac Winchester, recaps the Ice Lions' three wins at Monmouth, Rider and St. Joseph's two weekends ago, with highlights. They kept it rolling by flattening Indiana (PA) 13-2 on Saturday night and have pumped their record up to 9-2-0. With the first D2 ranking coming out this week, they'll undoubtedly be near the top of the Southeast Region.

The Ice Lions are the only PSU hockey team playing a home game on Friday, at 7:05 p.m. against Virginia Tech, and they'll have live music at the game (State College band The Insomniacs). Also, you can just stick around at the Ice Pavilion after the Icers-Fredonia game Saturday to see the back end of the series with the Hokies. No excuses.

Draft site Pittsburgh becomes hockey hotbed
(USA Today)

Yes, the 2012 NHL Entry Draft was officially announced for Pittsburgh. I'm not sure why everyone freaked out about it, considering it was more or less in "the Winter Classic is going to be in Philly, we're just waiting for an announcement" stage for a couple months, ever since they moved the Furries convention. So instead of a standard news article, here's one about the growth of hockey in Pittsburgh.

Hopefully, we'll see the first PSU draft pick ever in Pittsburgh. That would be pretty cool. Step it up, Mark Yanis.


Captioned "there's no such thing as a game face" by Cara Mendelson (right), this is now my official picture for any time she or Tess Weaver (left) does something in a game. Which should be quite frequently, because neither of them suck at this hockey thing. Weaver (@twea36) is also on Twitter, by the way, joining Mendelson as one of the team's most prolific tweeters.

Puck Rock: Guy Gadowsky
(Pennsylvania Puck)

Coach seems almost apologetic about his taste in music, but he shouldn't be. I'm closer to his players' ages than to his, and I'm declaring him winner in a head-to-head Puck Rock showdown with Justin Kirchhevel.

(Without a Peer)

Why give a ton of links to UAH posts when Without a Peer has already done the dirty work (including mine, yay!) and chipped in their own? There has been a boatload of great stuff coming from all over college hockey, but this has to rank among the best. Man, I wish I could write like them.

What killed NCAA Div. I hockey at Alabama-Huntsville?
(Puck Daddy)

The most famous of hockey blogs takes its own run at UAH and ends up with this quote from booster Nathan Bowen:

"The indignant administration, the financial burdens, the lack of a conference home and a lack of rabid enthusiasm from fans and students … all of it contributed to the end of UAH's Div. I program." - Shop

Can't think of the proper way to mourn? I have one idea.

CHL vs. NCAA: The Public Pursuit of an American Top Prospect
(The United States of Hockey)

Here's some fascinating insight concerning the battle between North Dakota and the OHL Windsor Spitfires over Jordan Schmaltz, a likely 2012 first-rounder in the NHL Entry Draft, who is now playing with PSU commit Matt Skoff in Sioux City of the USHL. The Spits have taken to the papers in pursuit of the Wisconsin-native defenseman, basically laying out the laundry list of CHL arguments ("we're better at preparing NHL players, you won't get a degree anyway, blah, blah, blah....").

Although I generally have very little regard for the CHL, it wouldn't trouble me too much if they won this one. I don't like North Dakota.

Big programs at Michigan State, Ohio State in big transitions

A solid look at the unique tribulations of two of our soon-to-be conference rivals.

Lindenwood women's hockey team is suffering growing pains

Speaking of transitions, I've been keeping some fraction of one of my eyes on how the Lindenwood women are doing in their first season of DI. The logic there, obviously, is that it might provide some sort of road map for what to expect from our women's team, or even our men's team. Let's hope not. The Lady Lions now stand (sit?) at 0-10-0 on the year, have only been within five goals once, and are coming off of a weekend sweep by CHA power Mercyhurst by a combined 21-1 score.

What's the biggest challenge in the move to DI, head coach Vince O'Mara?

"The biggest challenge that we're facing is not that we have 14 freshmen but that we have no one who has been there, done that...seeing the kids not have an upperclassman they can lean on or say to them, 'This is what it takes' makes you realize how important experience is."
Delany: No Big Ten expansion talk with Notre Dame, others
(Chicago Tribune)

Right after saying that the Big Ten hasn't had "active" discussions with Notre Dame since the 1990s, the Big Ten's bureaucrat-in-chief seemed to hint that he would have relaxed the Big Ten's no-affiliate-members rule for Irish hockey.

"I had a discussion with (Notre Dame athletic director Jack Swarbrick) on hockey probably about three months ago, and I had another discussion with Jack on football and basketball scheduling issues that our conference was looking at. But on the issue of expansion -- no. And have not, for years, really."

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