Thursday, October 6, 2011

Media Day Roundup

The Icers held a media day yesterday. No, I didn't know about it until after the fact either, don't feel bad. Regardless, here's a quick spin around some of the coverage. First up, the Collegian, which didn't write an article on the proceedings, but gave us something even better - video highlights of Guy Gadowsky's press conference (as well as Justin Kirchhevel and Kurt Collins briefly at the end).

If you didn't watch it, the biggest news from within: until Gadowsky and his staff get more a feel for the team, the seniors will begin the season rotating as captains. Icers seniors include Chris Cerutti, Collins, Paul Daley, Dan Loucks, Dan Petrick (who's injured and may not get a turn before full-time captains are named) and Nick Seravalli.

While it's not necessarily newsworthy, Gadowsky continues to have an infectious enthusiasm for Penn State and Penn State hockey that comes through every time he speaks, which even energizes jaded bloggers. I can only imagine what it does on the recruiting trail.

PSU's resident AP scribe, Genaro C. Armas, was there and drew the following quotes not covered in the video. First, from Bryce Johnson, the speed merchant who transferred from St. Cloud State via the USHL's Omaha Lancers.
"[The Big Ten is] going to be a real fun time, especially with the big powerhouses Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin. It's going to be nice to know that every weekend we go out to play, it's going to be a bloodbath."
And also from Joe Battista:
"It's the buzz, I understand a lot of schools are scrambling, moving conferences. The Big Ten conference is certainly poised to be the premier (hockey) conference. Now, how competitive we are remains to be seen."
Armas' story, which also included things Gadowsky said in the video, ended up being quite popular - it was picked up by the Washington Post, as well as papers in places like San Francisco and San Antonio. Not a bad little bit of publicity, that.

But with all due respect to Armas, the most interesting guy who covered media day is better known for doing something else.

...well, assuming you're not back out in the parking lot getting loaded by the time he's in.

I suppose if you back up Rob Bolden and Matt McGloin, you should probably figure out something besides football to do for a living. So credit third-string quarterback/journalism major Shane McGregor for being smart as well as a good writer. Here's his collection of quotes for the Centre Daily Times, starting with Gadowsky this time.
“It’s been an extremely unique situation. Our coaches have been out recruiting, the administration is planning, and we’ve been getting to know our guys as competitors and students.”

“You can’t just judge guys on how fast they skate or how much they bench-press and how fast they can shoot the puck. There’s a lot in hockey that deals with competitive nature and how they think and see the game. That really takes time, so we’re testing our guys and really getting to know them.”

“It’s been so cool for me to really feel this place. Not just see it, because you see it on TV and you read about it, but that really doesn’t give it justice. You have to feel how it is to be at Paternoville and be at a football game. It’s very, very special, and that’s something very few institutions can talk about.”
Paul Daley:
“Practice has been going very well. Coach Gadowsky really emphasizes hard work and intensity on the ice. He has done a great job with us, caring about what we’re doing both on and off the ice and stressing our involvement in the community.”
Dominic Morrone:
“With the spotlight and people talking about it now, I think it will help our attendance and get people out to games that normally wouldn’t come. It’s a big step for Penn State, and it will be cool to think we were here when it all first started.”
Gadowsky rounded out the day with a couple of radio interviews (on State College stations 95.3 FM and 1450 AM) where he reiterated some of the same themes. All in all, not a bad bit of effort and some good PR all around. Now just imagine if even more people heard about it.

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