Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Three Stars: March 12-18

3. Penn State Icers now history
(The Daily Collegian)

I can't speak highly enough of the work done by the Collegian's men's hockey writers this past season, and this article - about the origins of the Icers - easily stands out as one of the highlights.

2. Benefit will help Sitting Bulls buy equipment, pay related costs
(Johnstown Tribune-Democrat)

Hey look, it's Tess Weaver participating in a sled hockey fundraiser! If you need something to do on March 31st, get out and support her (as well as the Johnstown Sitting Bulls, of course).

1. 2012 ACHA Men's Division 1 All-Star Game

Icers Paul Daley and Kurt Collins officially capped their careers at the ACHA D1 All-Star Game on Saturday, with Daley's Red Team prevailing 11-8 over Collins' White Team. In the skills competition that preceded the game, some made a big deal of the fact that Collins was the runner-up to Ohio's Michael Schultz in the shootout competition. Guess we'll just have to settle for having an NCAA program. Sorry I'm not, Skoal-hio.

Best of the Rest

Building a Championship Caliber Program

When Josh Brandwene was hired to lead PSU's women's program, a lot of people scratched their heads and said "Huh? What? Why?" Those people need to watch this video, as well as these others:

Why a Student-Athlete Should Choose Penn State
Pegula Ice Arena 
Community Service
Nittany Lion Support Services

One step forward, one step back for CHA with Niagara dropping hockey

Much credit to Candace Horgan of USCHO for banging out a quality piece on the always-in-flux CHA roughly an hour after Monday's news of Niagara dropping women's hockey broke.

USHL wing Hanson commits to CC, will join Tigers next season
(Colorado Springs Gazette)

Fortunately, Guy Gadowsky's recruiting misses (to our knowledge, anyway) have been few and far between. But add Colorado College-bound Alaska native Jared Hanson to the list. Hanson picked the Tigers over PSU, Harvard, Ohio State, Northeastern and St. Cloud State. Like I always say, Hanson's loss.


Hey look, schedule details!

Air Force, eh? Cool. They're the Atlantic Hockey champs and an NCAA tournament team, so that's a nice pair of games to have at the Ice Pavilion. Just to recap what else we know about next year's schedule...
So....add it all together, and we've accounted for 13 of 20-22 Division I games (with several possibilities for the rest), 2 of 6 ACHA games and 5 of 6-8 "other" games. Not bad, assuming all of these end up happening.


This is hilarious:


  1. I have good information that suggests at least one or two more of the ACHA games will be Oklahoma.

  2. Take with this with the weight that an anonymous internet comment deserves but an AZ St. player told me that they would be playing PSU as well.

  3. Thanks for sharing, both of you. I'm not really thrilled about the prospect of any ACHA games, but if we're doing six, Ohio, Oklahoma and ASU are certainly among the most worthy.

    Anon: I actually gave you increased credibility after you acknowledged your status as an anonymous internet commenter. Well played, sir.