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Commit Cycle: March 20 (Women)

While hockey has become a year-round endeavor thanks to summer showcases, camps, etc., the primary hockey season (the one with easy-to-access info) is unfortunately winding down, and that of course includes the teams housing Penn State's recruits. As each player's season concludes, they'll be removed from this post as this feature fades into the offseason as well. So far, the removed players include:
  • 2012 D Sarah Wilkie. Wilkie completed her senior season at Williston Northampton School with a loss to Lawrence Academy in the New England Division I prep semifinals. The Wildcats were 16-10-3 overall.
  • 2012 D Paige Jahnke. Roseville High School won the Minnesota Section 4AA championship and advanced all the way to the state title game, but fell 3-0 to Minnetonka.
  • 2013 F Amy Petersen. Petersen, Josh Brandwene's first known 2013 recruit, was the second leading scorer on that Minnetonka team that has now won the Minnesota AA state championship in back to back seasons.
  • 2012 G Celine Whitlinger/2012 F Micayla Catanzariti/2012 F Katie Zinn. The three Gilmour Academy players finished the season 28-21-9 after losing in the Mid-Am District Tournament.
As always, for a list of all recruits and updated season stats (where available), visit the W Current Commitments page.

Jeanette Bateman

Colorado Select 19U
5'6", 125 pounds
Greeley, CO
Class of 2012
DOB 5/1/1994

Date  Opponent                Score  G   A Pts PIM

3/9   vs. Warner Hockey Sch.  L 4-7  -   -   -   - [box score]
3/10  vs. NAHA                L 0-5  -   -   -   - [box score]
3/10  vs. Pacific Steelers    W 9-3  -   -   -   - [box score]
3/11  vs. Balmoral Hall       L 2-4  -   -   -   - [box score]

Colorado finished 8th at the JWHL playoffs and will now proceed to the USA Hockey Tier I 19U national championships in Malborough, MA (it helps to be in a district thin on Tier I girls programs when you're 9-29-5 overall)...they'll lead off with the Rice Knights on the 28th, followed by Little Caesars on the 29th and the Madison Capitols on the 30th.

Jill Holdcroft

Pittsburgh Penguins Elite 19U
5'1", 121 pounds
Pennsylvania Furnace, PA
Class of 2012
DOB 1/29/1994

Darby Kern

Pittsburgh Penguins Elite 19U
5'11", 145 pounds
Venetia, PA
Class of 2012
DOB 8/28/1994

Stephanie Walkom

Pittsburgh Penguins Elite 19U
5'7", 130 pounds
Moon Township, PA
Class of 2012
DOB 6/21/1994

The Pens Elite girls will also be among the several PSU commits headed to Malborough, MA from March 28th through April 1st for the USA Hockey Tier I 19U national championships, as they'll represent the Mid-Am District...PPE open with Chicago Mission on the 28th, followed by the Minnesota Thoroughbreds on the 29th and the New Jersey Rockets on the 30th.

Emily Laurenzi

National Sports Academy
5'5", 125 pounds
Townsend, DE
Class of 2012
DOB 1993

Date  Opponent                Score  G   A Pts PIM

3/9   vs. Washington Pride    W 7-3  1   2   3   0 [box score]
3/10  vs. Edge School         L 2-5  0   1   1   2 [box score]
3/10  vs. MN Thoroughbreds    W 4-1  0   0   0   2 [box score]
3/11  vs. Washington Pride    W 3-2  0   1   1   0 [box score]

NSA finished 5th at the JWHL playoffs (the games above), but greater heights awaited last weekend when the Mountaineers won the New York Tier I 19U tournament with an 8-1 win over the Troy-Albany Ice Cats and a 3-2 win over the Rochester Edge...Laurenzi had five assists in those two wins...NSA now advances to USA Hockey Tier I 19U nationals, where they'll play the Anaheim Lady Ducks on the 28th, the East Coast Wizards on the 29th and Shattuck-St. Mary's on the 30th.

Hannah Hoenshell

Alliance Bulldogs 19U
5'3", 119 pounds
Plano, TX
Class of 2012
DOB 12/30/1993

The Bulldogs will participate in the USA Hockey Tier II 19U girls' national championships beginning on March 28th as the host team...their scheduled games are against the Keweenaw Storm on the 28th, the Mid Fairfield CT Stars on the 29th and the Cape Cod Sharks on the 30th.

Taylor McGee

Connecticut Polar Bears 19U / Taft School (Prep)
Height/weight unknown
Pearl River, NY
Class of 2012
DOB 2/8/1994

While McGee's club team, Taft, struggled through a disappointing campaign, her Connecticut Polar Bears, are the hosts of the Tier I 19U nationals...they'll play the Washington Pride on the 28th, Assabet Valley on the 29th and Honeybaked (Birdie Shaw and Jordin Pardoski's team) on the 30th.

Jordin Pardoski

Detroit Honeybaked 19U
5'5", 145 pounds
Rochester Hills, MI
Class of 2012
DOB 1/4/1994

Birdie Shaw

Detroit Honeybaked 19U
5'2", 124 pounds
Troy, MI
Class of 2012
DOB 9/14/1992

As menioned, Honeybaked will also be at nationals, thanks to sweeping through the MAHA addition to McGee's Polar Bears team on the 30th, they'll play Assabet Valley on the 28th and the Washington Pride on the 29th.

Shannon Yoxheimer

North American Hockey Academy - White
5'7", 147 pounds
Jackson, MI
Class of 2012
DOB 12/23/1993

Date  Opponent                Score  G   A Pts PIM

3/9   vs. MN Thoroughbreds    W 8-1  0   0   0   2 [box score]
3/10  vs. Colorado Select     W 5-0  0   2   2   0 [box score]
3/10  vs. Edge School         W 5-4  1   0   1   0 [box score]
3/11  vs. Warner Hockey Sch.  W 4-2  0   0   0   0 [box score]

NAHA completed a typically-successful season at 55-15-7 and by winning the JWHL title - an accomplishment that required a shootout in the semifinals against Edge School...Yoxheimer finished with 17 goals in 51 games.

Yoxheimer is in the third row, third from the left, if you can't tell.

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