Saturday, October 5, 2013

UVM and Burlington: A Photo Tour

Because I really enjoy experiencing new places and because I can't pack Steve Hass in my suitcase to photograph the games themselves, here's my walking photo tour of Vermont's campus - easily one of the most impressive I've visited in the course of doing this blog. As always, click any photo to open a gallery view.

Old Mill, UVM's oldest building, fronted by a statue of state founder Ira Allen

The Waterman Building houses administration, financial aid and the registrar

Billings Library

Ira Allen Chapel

Step your school spirit game up, CATA

Mary Fletcher Hospital begat Fletcher Allen Health Care, affiliated with UVM

Jeffords Hall, built in 2010, houses life sciences programs

The Aiken Center for Natural Resources...don't tell TPegs about the solar panel

The Davis Center student union was just built in 2007

Someday, PSU will have throwback tees of NHLers in its bookstore

Redstone Lofts are really cool looking...

...although people in Millis Hall prefer the surroundings and view

Patrick Gym, home to UVM basketball

The court wasn't in game shape, but you get the idea


Burlington is an equally spectacular town, highlighted by the Church Street Marketplace. Essentially, several blocks of the road are paved with brick, closed to vehicular traffic, and lined with an eclectic group of shops, restaurants and bars (think the College-Calder-Beaver corridor without all of those pesky cars).

The "church" at the end of Church Street is unitarian, for the record
That church can still be seen prominently further down

Another look...not pictured: Ben & Jerry's, but you know there is one

Since it's New England, there is in fact a town square

On to Gutterson Field House, as classic of a hockey barn as you'll find...

The main entrance is the most modern thing about the building
The side exterior view more accurately captures the essence of the place

I thought the Zamboni garage was pretty stellar

Those four perches are actually, collectively, the press box

The team's helmets lined up on the bench is always a favorite shot

Player introductions, with the UVM pep band in the far corner

The beginning of the season...


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