Thursday, October 10, 2013

Air Force Resumes Intercollegiate Competition

Kenny Brooks and Air Force defenseman Trevor Waldoch will resume their battle next weekend

While they was never as large of a concern to most Penn Staters as the status of Army's visit to break in Pegula Ice Arena's varsity rink on Friday, the Nittany Lions' games next weekend now appear to be safe as well.

PSU is scheduled to head to Colorado Springs, CO on October 18th and 19th to play the Air Force Academy, a return trip for last season's split at the Ice Pavilion. As with Army, the ongoing federal government shutdown had raised doubts as to whether the series would go off, particularly after an exhibition between Air Force and the University of New Brunswick scheduled for Monday was cancelled. However, the Falcons' athletic department announced on Wednesday that future contests will proceed as planned.
The Academy is awaiting written final Department of Defense guidance, however, we have been advised that all Air Force Academy intercollegiate athletics may resume immediately. We owe it to our cadet athletes and opponents to honor our commitments in this regard. Athletics is one of the pillars of character and leadership development at the Air Force Academy. No appropriated funds will be used to fund these programs.
Fantastic news obviously - for Penn State, of course, but more importantly for the cadets who deserve better than to be affected by the political tug-of-war presently taking place in Washington, DC.


  1. So what did you accomplish with all your shenanigins, aside from antagonizing the loyal Commonwealth citizenry?

    Talk about feeble --- this coming from the same damn institution that gave me Jerry Sandusky.

    I fund the Pennsylvania State University, not the other way around. Inexperienced college pukes like you really need to stop and think about things. You'll get your Obamacare soon enough, be happy.

    1. I was going to delete this, but I'll leave it up because it shows what you are to the world.

      The fact that you'd drop a Sandusky bomb just to score points in your ridiculous, feeble-minded crusade to take me to task for sharing an Air Force Academy press release tells me that you were never in it for Penn State. I am.

      PS. Sorry for going to college. I hope your sixth-grade education (as demonstrated by your writing) is working out okay for you.

  2. How long has it been since the (Democrat-controlled) Senate passed a budget (which they are required to do by law)? ... Stop being a stupid college kid with the "political tug-of-war" crap.