Friday, March 25, 2011

More Page Updates

Just wanted to briefly mention that I've started a page listing Penn State's 2011 commits as sort of a handy reference for after last night's post joins the one before it in the nether regions of the TYT archives.

Also, as I'm sure you noticed, I've moved the page links from their previous location on the right side under the Twitter boxes to the much-more-prominent locale just underneath the masthead. I kept them fairly faint, so as not to be too intrusive.

For the half of you that probably didn't know these existed (hence the change), a rundown:
  • 2011 Recruiting Class contains headshots, basic info, stats and links for each of PSU's commits.
  • Results/Season, 1937-1947 is exactly what it sounds like, a game-by-game for the short-lived varsity team developed from reading every article about the team from the Daily Collegian archives.
  • Results/Opponent, 1995- lists Penn State's series history with everyone played in the last 16 years. My major focus when things get really slow in the next few months will be building out this page and the previous one.
  • Numerical Roster, 1996- is another pretty self-explanatory one. I created this one to help me place a nameless Icers game-worn jersey I bought on eBay. Keith Jordan was the answer (I think).
  • ACHA Tournament Appearances, 2000- includes every team's trips to the D1 national championship tournament in the last 12 years, including seeding and finish. If you forgot that Wisconsin-Whitewater existed, this is the page for you.

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