Sunday, November 6, 2011

M: Penn State 5 vs. Pittsburgh 1

The Icers (9-0-0) avoided a letdown on Sunday afternoon against Pittsburgh after the riveting come-from-behind win against Fredonia State on Saturday night. With the top line of Taylor Holstrom, Tommy Olczyk and Justin Kirchhevel sitting this one out, the speed line of Bryce Johnson (2 goals), Dominic Morrone (1 goal, 1 assist) and Jake Friedman (2 assists) picked up the scoring slack. P.J. Musico made several large, timely saves to keep the Panthers at arm's length throughout the game, while Pitt goalie Rob Behling stopped 50 of 55 to prevent the Icers from blowing the Panthers' doors off.


  1. They dominated Pitt without even playing particularly well. They should probably finish their chances better and are still getting caught out sometimes and giving up odd man rushes.

  2. Thanks for the update...I still think I'll be able to watch tonight, but I'm fading a little, so I'm not sure my powers of observation will be particularly keen. Sounds like what we've seen for a lot of the season so far - knowing Gadowsky, the not finishing thing (and not getting shots through) eats him up!