Sunday, January 23, 2011

Windy City Warmup

Before heading over to Turkey, both the men's and women's World University Teams participated in a pair of exhibition games in the Chicago area over the weekend. As internet information about these games isn't exactly in great abundance, much credit is due to my three primary sources for this: the ACHA website, the USA Hockey WUG blog and the gametracker provided by Davenport University (for the men's game on Sunday).


Saturday, January 22nd - Team USA 4, Goose Island Senior A 0

1. USA Morrison (Ciaverilla, Kranker) 19:22 1st
2. USA Collar (Macari, Telfer) 19:23 2nd
3. USA Gorczyca 16:24 2nd
4. USA Ciaverilla (Kranker) 12:13 2nd

Goalies: Hudson (25:00 W), 6 shots, 6 saves. Pyne (25:00 ND), 4 shots, 4 saves

USA Hockey blog game post

Sunday, January 23rd - Team USA 6, Davenport University 2

1. DU Ouelette (Kuhn) 3:04 1st
2. USA Dionne (Lassik, Collar) (sh) 2:18 1st
3. USA Telfer (Dionne, Collar) (pp) 3:53 2nd
4. USA Desano (Collar) 2:36 2nd
5. USA Dionne (pp) 18:46 3rd
6. DU Juliano (Kuhn) 16:20 3rd
7. USA Gorczyca (Pilmore, Balint) 3:53 3rd
8. USA Lepre (Krannich) 4:24 3rd

Goalies: Pyne (31:10 ND), 10 shots, 9 saves. Hudson (8:50 W), 13 shots, 12 saves

USA Hockey blog game post
Box score

Thanks to the Davenport gametracker, I can add a little more detail on the second game - including adding in the Davenport goals, which are excluded on the ACHA site. Team USA dominated throughout, outshooting the Panthers 44-18 (including 30-5 through two periods). However, DU's Brit Ouellette opened the scoring before Alan Dionne, who continues to emerge as one of the stars of the team, answered 46 seconds later. The WUG team then put the game away with three consecutive goals spanning the second and third periods, capped once again by Dionne, this time on the power play.

Penn State update: Not really a whole lot to report here. You've already seen everything I know about the game with the Senior A team. Against Davenport, thanks again to the live stats, I can tell you that Eric Steinour took a high sticking penalty with 3:07 left in the game and that his was a perfect 4-0 on faceoffs. Tim O'Brien was 3-2 on draws.


Saturday, January 22nd - Chicago Young Americans U-19 3, Team USA 2

USA Goals:
1. USA Ducie (Juha, Wynn) 14:52 2nd
2. USA Kucharski (Nelson) 6:39 3rd

Goalies: Rossi (32:27 ND), 14 shots, 13 saves. Vaughan (27:33 L), 20 shots, 18 saves

USA Hockey blog game post

From the just-linked blog post, we know that Team USA got into some penalty trouble late, and that two were in the box when the Young Americans scored the winning goal with 12.4 seconds left. It's probably important to note that to the best of my knowledge, this was the women's team's first time playing together, as they didn't have exhibitions in December like the men.

Sunday, January 23rd - Team USA 4, Robert Morris University (IL) 2

USA Goals:
1. USA Rumsey (Redick) 11:25 1st
2. USA Katz (Nelson, Kucharski) 5:16 2nd
3. USA Kucharski 18:02 3rd
4. USA Rumsey (Redick, Crawford) 3:40 3rd

USA Hockey blog game post

The Team USA women bounced back with a win in the second game, although it didn't come easy as RMU (IL) superstar Danielle McCutcheon tied the game at 2 with 18:18 to go. Shelby Kucharski gave the US the lead back just 16 seconds later before Grand Valley State teammate Ashley Rumsey added some late insurance.

Penn State update: One of the benefits of having goalies on the team is supposed to be that you always have some kind of idea how they played, but we don't even get that for the Sunday game! You can see the shots and saves for Heather Rossi and Katie Vaughan on Saturday. The only other mention of a Penn Stater also comes from that game and courtesy of the USA Hockey blog:
Penalty: USA #6 Lindsay Reihl 12:47 remaining in the 3rd
The first US game in Erzurum is (very) early Thursday when the women play Slovakia, while the men get started the next day against Kazakhstan. In the meantime, be sure to check out my WUG preview posts, coming Monday and Tuesday.

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