Wednesday, January 26, 2011


If you don't have Twitter, you've missed watching another chapter in the Penn State-Delaware rivalry unfold.

It all started with this tweet from junior Blue Hens defenseman Josh Weiner, which, as far as I know, came out of nowhere yesterday.
Pumped to put the nail in the coffin on Penn states season this weekend
I retweeted it. Not because I was upset or anything like that, but because it was an opponent talking about PSU. Why wouldn't I? In all sincerity, I was glad to see the Blue Hens, who presumably have less to play for, up for the games, because I thought it would make for tournament-level hockey in January. Which works out pretty well for people like me.

Then the snowball started to build on the Penn State side. First, forward Nick Seravalli retweeted my retweet of it (got all that?). Then I was direct messaged by PSU's official Twitter account and informed that the tweet made it to acting coach Josh Hand and captain Marek Polidor. Then Collegian beat writer Tony Barton told me that forward Paul Daley told him that the tweet was posted at practice. All of which is perfectly fine. Read the comment, make sure everyone else reads the comment, get mad, practice hard. That's how it's supposed to work.

But then Daley felt the need to jump on Twitter for the first time since November 23, 2009 at about 4 a.m. this morning to give us this two-parter (1, 2) directed at Weiner:
can't wait to pump @josh24weiner this weekend

if @josh24weiner doesn't fake a knee injury again
So much for the moral high ground - the Icers were the good guys in this until we went accusing guys of going Mike Ribeiro, which obviously violates entire sections of the hockey code. Think the Delaware side was going to let that go? Not if Zach Reubel has anything to say about it.
Love the drama between @josh24weiner and Daley...hope PSU comes ready to play. Daley, don't jump me in warmups again ok stud #toughasnails
Weiner thought Daley should have other things on his mind.
@Paul_Daley should prolly worry about getting to Delaware in March and not my knee. #thanksforcaring
Yeah, this is going to be fun. But leave the kids at home, unless you want them playing like Derek Schooley's.

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