Monday, November 8, 2010

Yep, It's a Sketch

So apparently, as part of the Pegula Center architect announcement Friday, this drawing was released, except they had the nerve to give it to the Collegian before they gave it to me.

In a word? Impressed. I can really see how Joe Battista and crew did their homework and took the best from each venue visited. They have the suites in a non-intrusive place. The concourse looks to be open in spots, with standing room in the corners. You can see the two different levels (thanks to the hillside) Battista mentioned Friday. I also like how it looks as if they're going for that airplane hangar feel with the roof and above the seats at either end. Can't wait to see how the drawings fill out, including the rest of the structure, and how it all materializes. These are exciting times.

The accompanying article didn't have much that wasn't already mentioned in the interview during Friday's game, but it's still a nice read that ties everything we know so far together with a bow, and as such gets my recommendation.

As for Pegula Center Speculation, since the details on our arena are falling into place quickly, it seems like a good idea to bring that series to an end and transition to another series, where I take wild, uninformed guesses at coaching candidates. I'll still run two last arena pieces next week - yes, I already have them written and didn't want to waste the effort.

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