Monday, November 15, 2010

Hitting the Big Time

So, in case you haven't been on the official site in the last hour (and why not?), I'm legit now. A headline, even. In a little section next to Steve Penstone and the Collegian writers. Seriously. Penstone. Collegian. Me. I'm flipping out.

The product of a burst of inspiration I had while eating a calzone in State College for the Central Oklahoma games just one month ago was never supposed to be read, really by anyone. Well, except my wife, who I obnoxiously ask to read all of my posts to "make sure I don't sound stupid," and for that, she has my sincerest thanks. But other than that, it was really just about me having fun, following the Icers, and being wordy. Basically, things I do anyway, so hey, why not put it on the internet, and who cares if anyone ever sees it?

I'm extremely honored to be recognized by Rodney Martin and the site, which has long been the standard of excellence in college hockey (the numerous links to it here vouch for that). Just goes to show the power of the Icers family, even if I'm that weird-looking second cousin who lives out of state and doesn't make it in for Christmas every year.

If you're new to this, and you are, hope you enjoy it! Feel free to hit up the Twitter, my personal Facebook, or the comments here anytime!

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