Sunday, September 25, 2011

W: Penn State 0 at Robert Morris (NCAA DI) 12

There's really no point in belaboring things, so I won't. We're not a DI team yet, they are. Even mighty Lindenwood learned the hard lesson of a transition in their NCAA opener against defending national champ Wisconsin.

If you really need to know the specifics for some reason, use the links above. But before I bury this one with the eulogy "well, it was a good experience, at least," here's the lineup Josh Brandwene used, which I'm throwing in because it's really the first look the outside world has received at anything resembling a depth chart including the massive recruiting class.

Forward lines:
Kate Christoffersen - Elizabeth Denis - Sara Chroman
Kassidy Augustine - Katharine Gausseres - Dana Heller
Sydney Sherman - Katie Murphy - Tess Weaver
Christina Hurle - Carly Szyszko - Denise Rohlik

Defense pairs:
Ashton Schaffer - Madison Smiddy
Paige Harrington - Lindsay Reihl
Cara Mendelson - Allie Rothman

Katie Vaughan
Mary Tonetti

So some position changes, lots of newcomers, and oh, Christoffersen apparently unretired. Thanks for letting me know, world (still, it's great to hear).

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