Saturday, April 16, 2011

History Page Updates

Thanks to the Collegian archives and a sudden, unexpected burst of free time, I've built a new page called "Results/Season, 1988-2001." Why 1988 and why 2001? On the front end, 1988-1989 is the first full season where the Collegian archives include articles designed to be viewed on the internet, and in line with that, I've linked game write-ups on that page whenever they were available.

I do intend to try to go all the way back to 1971 eventually, but the remaining period will require sifting through scanned copies of old papers, which is much more time consuming than what I've done to this point. It's not something that will happen quickly, if it's even possible, so I figured I'd share what I have so far right now.

As for 2001, well, you can get everything 2000-present on the official site, so I didn't consider it a pressing need, although I will plug the last decade in eventually.

Accordingly, I've also added to the "Results/Opponent" page, and it now goes back to 1990. I didn't include the 1988-1989 and 1989-1990 seasons because of some holes in my records. In most cases, I was at the mercy of the Collegian's publication schedule, which follows the university's academic schedule, which always puts into question finding out about the last games of the fall semester (finals week/winter break) and games in late February and early March (spring break). With every game except four, I was at least able to plug in a W, L or T, but these four all happened during the 1989-1990 season, in two win-tie weekends. With seven other games, I managed a result but not a score.

The Collegian archives are largely non-functioning during calendar years 1996 and 1997, so I had to rely on old Icers programs to fill in some data, which only gave the month during which the game took place, not the date. This affects 29 total games, mostly during the 1996-1997 and 1997-1998 seasons.

Still, the other 403 games all have a complete date and score, so enjoy.


  1. Kyle,

    The Paterno Library archives here at main campus has a fairly complete list of game statistics dating back to the 1970s. I can try to help you when I get some free time this summer.

  2. Wes - Geez, wish I had known that...I knew that there was some good stuff at the libraries and had planned on just taking some time and parking myself there when I got the chance, but anything you'd be able to get would be sincerely appreciated - full credit, of course.


  3. Villanova was NCAA Division 1? Really? What conference were they in? I have no memory of that. It must have not lasted long.

  4. It was more or less DI in name only - I would've preferred not to use the label for them, but felt like I had to, even if it was a technicality. They played as an independent and obviously scheduled club teams a lot, losing to them a good amount of the time.

    Similar to Scranton calling themselves DIII while playing 90% ACHA teams (and usually getting killed) well into the last decade if you're familiar with that - both finally bit the bullet and dropped.