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Three Stars: June 27-July 3

3. Ten returnees highlight Muskegon Lumberjacks' 2011-2012 roster

PSU commit Mark Yanis is officially back with his USHL club for this coming season. Here's the Yanis mention:

On defense, three players return from a year ago - Carter Foguth, Travis Walsh and Mark Yanis.

"Our back line has great depth," [head coach Kevin] Patrick said. "And we have a good mix of styles from stay-at-home defensemen to guys who can move the puck."
2. Vernon-Burlington Trade
(VipersDiehardFan Blog)

Meanwhile, Luke Juha is officially a Vernon Viper. And my interview with him apparently hits pretty far up on the Google results. Double awesome.

Vipers add elite prospects
(Vernon Morning Star)

The BCHL squad is reloading in an effort to recapture the RBC Cup. That effort includes not only Juha but also Adam Tambellini, of those Tambellinis (Steve's son, Michigan alum Jeff's brother).

1. Ready To Roar In Pennsylvania
(The Hockey News)

Maybe I'm giving it too much credit in 2011, but I still consider The Hockey News to be the publication of record when it comes to Canada's national sport (no, not lacrosse, the other one). So when they give Penn State a full page, naturally I'm going to abuse my subscriber login to take a snapshot of said page from the digital edition of the magazine and upload it to Google Docs for all of you to see.

The article's not going to contain anything new to those of you who have been following PSU closely all along, although it does have quotes from Guy Gadowsky and Brandon Russo for your perusal. Agent Murray Kuntz stops by to give two of his clients (Penguins superstars Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin) credit for every player coming out of Pennsylvania, and Brandon Saad mentions that even if PSU had an NCAA program last year, he would've played in the OHL. I take that one with a grain of salt though - it's PR 101 to always choose the real option that you actually took over a hypothetical in those types of situations.

Best of the Rest

Talking Hockey - Round Two
(View From The Booth)

I've always liked Paul Kelly, and with this interview, we can officially add him to that list of fortunate people who have no off button.

PSU Icers 2010-2011

Indeed, all we do is win. Except in that game with the pink jerseys.

Brandwene names Stroemel, Kearns to coaching staff
(Daily Collegian)

The Collegian comes off of hiatus with a strong effort that includes original quotes from both women's assistants.

Listing by College
(Chris Heisenberg's 2012 List)

Remember a few weeks ago, when I told you about Doug Leaverton, a defenseman seeking a transfer out of Colorado College and who had Penn State and Ohio State in his sights? Well, apparently, after an excruciating deliberation, Leaverton has elected to go to...Bentley. Wait, what?

Now, I don't want to come off like a snob here, but there's only one reason to choose Bentley over PSU and OSU: PSU and OSU didn't want you. That's just the harsh reality, and I see a silver lining in it. As nice as having a veteran d-man with WCHA experience may have sounded superficially, the fact that we're not willing to take one just for the sake of having one tells me a) recruiting is going well, b) we're not interested in patchwork solutions and c) we're building a team with a specific concept in mind. Or d) I'm reading waaaay too much into things. Your choice.

American draftees hail from non-traditional places

The link says it all:
Of the first 21 U.S. born players selected in this year's draft, only one was born in the traditional power states of Minnesota, Michigan and Massachusetts. That would be Connor Murphy, Phoenix's first round pick at No. 20. Murphy was born in Boston.

Pennsylvania had the largest representation with four players being selected from the Keystone State. The Pennsylvania bunch is led by J.T. Miller, a Pittsburgh native, who was selected at No. 15 by the New York Rangers.

Three players hail from New York while there are two players drafted each from Illinois, California, Connecticut, Missouri and Texas. In addition, there is one player from Alaska, Arizona and Ohio among the first 21 U.S. born players selected.
Then again, we don't actually recruit PA, so...

Stuart Percy's living the dream.

Dream come true for Percys
(Toronto Sun)

Of course, plenty of draftees hailed from traditional places and weren't American too. One, Stuart Percy, is a former teammate of Juha's and also a first-round selection of his hometown Maple Leafs.

Tsunami Watch: WCHA
(Without a Peer)

Another typically-excellent WaP breakdown of the ways in which PSU ruined college hockey effected long-overdue change in the college hockey conference structure.

UND weighs hockey league options
(Grand Forks Herald)

Meanwhile, at some point after that WaP post was written, the preferred college hockey program of Nazi sympathizers is starting to make like they're going to follow that tsunami with some heavy explosives.
UND is having formal discussions about pulling out of the Western Collegiate Hockey Association and joining several other schools in creating a new power hockey league, multiple sources have told the Herald.

The move would blow up two of college hockey’s major conferences and vastly change the landscape of the sport for the 2013-14 season.

The new league is not a done deal, but sources say that the talks have progressed beyond preliminary stages.

“Several institutions have been looking at the college hockey landscape and different possibilities that might be out there,” said UND athletic director Brian Faison, who declined to name other institutions. “At the end of the day, we have to do what’s in the best interest of UND hockey and that’s what we’re going to do. It’s an emotional decision. It’s a business decision.”
As much as I just want to unload on this idea, I do think it's kind of cute that NoDak's trying to imitate us.

The Compton Family Ice Arena is coming to South Bend this fall.

Exclusive Tour June 29, 2011: Compton Family Ice Arena

I've been watching the construction of Notre Dame's new facility pretty closely, part because I'm an arena geek, part because I know Pegula Ice Arena will take a cue or two from it and part because I know PIA is next in the queue. If you haven't been paying attention, here's a photo gallery where you can get caught up.

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