Monday, July 25, 2011

Crawford Releases More Pegula Ice Arena Renderings

On Friday, Crawford Architects shared two computer-generated Pegula Ice Arena pictures via their Facebook page. Today, they gave us two different looks.

The top exterior shot differs a little from Friday's version (which, interestingly, no longer appears in Crawford's Facebook album).

How do we resolve that one? For starters, posted a video interview with Guy Gadowsky today where the Friday exterior photo served as a makeshift backdrop. Also, I'm no architect, but if I had to guess, the watercolor phase comes before the plug it into the really expensive software phase. So with those two things in mind, I tend to view the earlier picture as more accurate (one also has to acknowledge the possibility that Crawford leaked something we weren't supposed to see Friday, hence the deletion and replacement with possibly older versions).

Just to make it a complete "everything we know about Pegula Ice Arena" photo dump, here are the scoreboard and suite renderings one more time.


  1. Generally water colors come first, but not necessarily in this case. A skilled 3d modeler could probably put out that render in a few hours, possibly much faster than the similar concept arts could be produced. The real reason to trust the render over the painted rendition, is because the modeler likely had the exact building plans to work with and scan directly into his project as guidelines. The artist has to sit and conceptualize the relative dimensions for the most part, where the modeler can literally just program everything into the base size of his objects.

    The concept art may have been what was originally desired, but the render is probably a lot closer to what the engineers came back and said "this is what we can feasibly do".

  2. This is probably common knowledge to regular visitors of this site but I just found it thanks to BSD. . . where on campus is the arena going to be built?

  3. mvrck: Awesome, thanks for the knowledge - very much appreciated! I'm hopefully going to be able to sort things out for sure in the next couple days, we'll see how my sources feel about it.

    LunaticFringe: It's basically right across University from the Jordan Center. Look at the very first picture in this post...University is the road in the foreground, and you can see Shields on the right edge of the picture and Holuba to the left. You can see the same two buildings in the second exterior picture, although you have to look a lot closer. In that one, it appears as if the building will be back a little further from the road.

    Here's a map of the area: . Basically on top of the bottom half of the decent-sized parking area across from the BJC. The field hockey facility (immediately beneath Shields) will actually be flipped from horizontal to vertical to accommodate it.

  4. can we move the basketball team in there right now????