"I felt we made a mistake in building a baseball field. I thought that should have been the ice skating rink, because I think hockey in this state right now, not just hockey, but ice skating, if you come up to our office building at 6:00 in the morning, some mornings you can't get a parking spot because parents have taken their kids up here to skate...I think hockey will be a great addition to our intercollegiate program. [The Pegula gift] is a great, great gift. And I think very far-sighted and I'm really pleased with it." - Joe Paterno

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Penn State-Mercyhurst Photo Gallery

Here are some photos I took at Mercyhurst University while visiting for Friday night's game between the Nittany Lion women and the Lakers. Click for full size.

First up, a quick campus tour:

The Audrey Hirt Academic Center

O'Neil Tower, on the left, is Mercyhurst's signature building

Taylor Little Theatre has famous playwrights worked into the building's facade

Tullio Field, the home of Lakers football and lacrosse

Mercyhurst Ice Center's main entrance

Seeing Penn State's banner in other teams' arenas still hasn't gotten old

The Lakers are one of the most storied programs in women's hockey

The Mercyhurst Ice Center actually has chairback seats behind one goal

During pregame, Celine Whitlinger and Brooke Meyer held a conference

The Lakers enter from the corner opposite Penn State

A couple more shots from the pregame, including the next photo

The Nittany Lions on the blue line for the anthems.

The game's opening faceoff.

Casey McCullion (white coat) presides over the defensive end of the bench

Another top-down look at the bench

The team waits to step back on to the ice for the second period

Kendra Rasmussen and Jeanette Bateman attempt to win a puck battle

Hannah Hoenshell dumps in as her teammates look on

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