Monday, October 18, 2010

Who am I and why am I here?

My name is Kyle Rossi, and I’m a hockey junkie and a Penn State alumnus. For quite a while, I’ve been involved with the Icers on a variety of levels – as a member of Hockey Management Association, as a reporter covering the team for the Daily Collegian (briefly, anyway, and only because the guy who was really assigned to the beat hated hockey), and as a fan. I now hope to add “as a blogger” to that list.

I don’t aim to be purely a news source for Penn State hockey, because quite frankly, I can’t compete with Penn State hockey’s
tremendous official site, the fantastic View From The Booth blog done by broadcaster Steve Penstone, or the great coverage from the Collegian. I highly recommend any of those sources, they’re as good as you’ll find in their respective areas.

Instead, I hope to add my own unique views on Penn State, hockey, and life as a guy pretty well obsessed with those two things. There will be that trademark blogger snark on occasion, although most posts will not in fact be written while in my parents’ basement in my underwear. I’ll talk about the games themselves, although probably not in journalistically-correct recap form. When something happens off the ice, I’ll talk about that too, although I can pretty much promise that I won’t be the one to break the story. In between, I’ll mix in a healthy dose of perspective, some glimpses into some of my memorabilia collection, and a few other regular features.

And the name? If you have to ask that question

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