"I felt we made a mistake in building a baseball field. I thought that should have been the ice skating rink, because I think hockey in this state right now, not just hockey, but ice skating, if you come up to our office building at 6:00 in the morning, some mornings you can't get a parking spot because parents have taken their kids up here to skate...I think hockey will be a great addition to our intercollegiate program. [The Pegula gift] is a great, great gift. And I think very far-sighted and I'm really pleased with it." - Joe Paterno

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Calling Scoreboard

In what was surely an effort to get some positivity back at the top of TYT, a firm called Anthony James Partners - which specializes in scoreboard design - has released renditions of the Pegula Ice Arena scoreboard.

AJP's other notable work includes new scoreboards at Beaver Stadium, the Bryce Jordan Center and Rec Hall. Their work on these projects was announced last September, less than one week after the announcement of the Pegula donation, so presumably, the ice arena project was tacked on later. Elsewhere in the hockey world, they're completing an upgrade on the Ottawa Senators' Scotiabank Place scoreboard for next season, and they also worked on the center scoreboard at the Tsongas Center, home of the UMass-Lowell River Hawks.

As with all preliminary designs, it's surely subject to change. But for now, enjoy. I've kept the pictures below at their original resolution - just click on them for the full size.

Special thanks to Icers legend Teddy Hume and his fortunate Twitter search for the tip.

Primary center scoreboard.

Auxiliary scoreboard.

This one seems to confirm everything we believe about the interior at this point.

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