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Three Stars: October 8-14

3. No lockout here: Ice age starting in central PA
(Associated Press)

Believe me when I say that there were no shortage of syrupy "it's awesome that Penn State has NCAA hockey" articles out there leading up to Friday's men's opener against AIC. In the interest of finishing this post before Wednesday, I'll just link a couple that added something unique to the conversation. In this one, Genaro Armas mixes in some Johnstown Tomahawks and Williamsport Outlaws content to give his piece a wider thrust.

2. The vision for Penn St. hockey was rooted in Penn Hills
(Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)

The Joe Battista story, later co-starring Terry Pegula, is pretty familiar to most by now, but Mark Dent does a masterful job retelling it here. And he even adds a few largely-unknown details, like...
By July of [2010], Mr. Battista says he was pushing hard in both directions to try to facilitate the gift. Mr. Pegula scheduled a trip for him, Mr. Battista and former Penn State president Graham Spanier to visit the hockey facilities at Notre Dame and Miami of Ohio.

Perfect. This could seal the deal. Except Mr. Spanier's schedule was booked. He couldn't come. Mr. Battista says Mr. Pegula told him that if Mr. Spanier didn't think the trip was important enough to change his schedule, then the donation was off.
Wait, what? Okay, I'm sorry, but I have to call that one out. The narrative throughout all of this has been that Terry Pegula is passionate about Penn State and passionate about hockey, and that's why he donated $102 million to Penn State hockey. But...he was willing to blow the whole thing up before it started if his ego didn't feel sufficiently stroked by Graham Spanier's presence while visiting a couple rinks? Apparently that passion has limits. Geez.

1. Penn State ice hockey makes history with first ever NCAA D1 game in the books
(Stack the Pads)

I try to stay away from recap-ish stuff in these posts in favor of the big picture, but simply put, some things are worth another look. Video of the first moments of PSU's men's NCAA DI era and Casey Bailey's first goal (also above) both qualify for that category.

Best of the Rest

Penn State Micayla Catanzariti named CHA Rookie of the Week (10-8-12)

By now, you probably already know that freshman women's forward Micayla Catanzariti was named College Hockey America rookie of the week after her three-point performance in PSU's season-opening 5-3 win over Vermont (at least I hope so). You may not have known that the CHA put together a video about it. She also, by the way, got a shout from the Anaheim Ducks due to her being a former Lady Duck. Quack, quack, quack.

Friday's Opener Marks The Start of a Journey

Friend of TYT Ben Jones used history as his lede here, and you know I'm a sucker for articles that do that.

Nic Kerdiles suspended, NCAA still doesn't get it

Without a doubt, the biggest off-ice story of the college hockey season (so far) is the season-long suspension of star Wisconsin freshman Nic Kerdiles (currently under appeal). The nutshell is that photos of Kerdiles a) eating dinner with agents at the NHL Draft in June and b) holding up a BioSteel supplement surfaced on Twitter. The NCAA, not surprisingly, has issues with the "endorsement" aspect to that latter photo.

Good thing the Pulver Sports guy who tweeted this identified both the players and the product. Might as well be three random guys who are really enthusiastic about Sheetz coffee otherwise.

The association bypassed its normal investigative procedures to expedite the punishment, which was referred to as "unprecedented" by a UW official. Sounds vaguely familiar. Most assume that Kerdiles will jump to major junior (the WHL's Kelowna Rockets own his rights) if the suspension isn't lifted.


I'm sure you're wondering how the Kerdiles story relates to P.J. Musico by now. No? Okay. Well, it sort of does. Musico's California-meets-PSU mask design for this season, tweeted (and subsequently deleted, so you'll have to trust me) by the official men's account, included the logo of In-N-Out Burger, a chain restaurant popular in the goalie's home state. According to one eyewitness account, the possible NCAA violation was blacked out by the time the mask appeared in a game - combine that with the deleted tweet and it seems as if PSU authoritatively brought the hammer down.

I'm not sure what it says about our program's place relative to Wisconsin's when we're pimping hamburgers instead of supplements, but we'll get there.

Return of the Stripe
(Where Angels Fear To Tread)

Penn State's jerseys, while unique thanks to the chipmunk on the front, could be considered a blue version of Cornell in many other respects, even including the small-ish (possibly 10" instead of the more common 12") back numbers. Good news for those who don't want to be a copy of someone else: the Big Red has re-introduced a stripe to their shorts, a historical staple that had been omitted in recent years.

Okay, that tie-in was...uhhh...yeah. Still, if you like TYT history posts but secretly wish the writing was better, you'll enjoy this one.

UNO proposes new arena for Maverick hockey, volleyball, basketball
(Omaha World-Herald)

Looks like one of my favorite programs is finally ready to join in on the fun of building an arena. The Mavericks presently play in the CenturyLink Center, an oversized (capacity 17,100 for hockey) general-purpose arena removed from UNO's campus.

Sports law expert blames NHL lockout on the league's monopoly
(Global Edmonton)

Penn State law professor Stephen Ross spoke about the NHL lockout at the University of Alberta last Tuesday and argued that the circuit's monopoly on the top-level hockey league market is to blame for its repeated labor issues. His proposal, for two separate major hockey leagues - one in Canada, one in the U.S. - sounds freaking sweet, like a higher-stakes version of the NCAA-CHL war. Well, except for the fact that the U.S. side would be allowed to take players away from Canadian teams. Let's do it.

Skill set starts natural hat trick

Uncommitted power forward Anthony Walsh (Edina, MN), who I've mentioned a couple times before in these posts, is still out there with his ridiculous skill set waiting for a scholarship. The latest word is that he has interest from a couple different schools outside of PSU as well as an offer to play in the Junior A CCHL next year.

A couple other new videos of Walsh:
Stick-breaking chop can't stop hat trick
Splits the D and scores

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  1. I don't know if Pegula's ego was the issue so much so that he didn't want to see such a massive gift squandered or not supported by the administration. There are lots of ways that, even with the $100 million, PSU could have blown this by cutting various corners - putting the rink somewhere out past the hospital, not hiring the best possible coaches, etc.

    But anyway, until the revolution comes and we have free sports for all, this is how it's going to be, so if conning the president to show up for a trip is what it takes to get $100 million from a billionaire, then so be it.