Monday, August 13, 2012

Three Stars: August 6-12

3. Worker injured in fall at Pegula Ice Arena
(The Daily Collegian)

Pegula Ice Arena's construction faced something a little bit more serious than sinkholes when a subcontractor's employee fell while performing ironwork last Wednesday. WJAC reported that the man was conscious when transported to the Mount Nittany Medical Center, but no further details are available. Fortunately, at the very least, it seems as if a full-on Miller Park situation has been avoided.

2. @intheoradio

2013 defense commit Thomas Welsh was at a Team Canada East selection camp over the weekend as part of the buildup to choosing who will wear the maple leaf at the World Junior A Challenge in November. Welsh received sound marks for his performance from at least one scout, as he ultimately seeks to join PSU freshmen Curtis Loik and Luke Juha in earning a WJAC gold medal.

So all's great, right? Wrong.
[Mississauga Steelheads GM James] Boyd was there not only scouting the talent. But also his talent. D-Man Thomas Welsh. 95 birthday.
The Steelheads acquired Welsh's draft rights from Sarnia (who initially selected the Toronto native in the fifth round in 2011) back on June 1st. So it certainly seems as if all signs point to the OHL club making a strong push for a guy who qualifies as one of Guy Gadowsky's better recruits to date.

For now, the plan is for Welsh to join the OJHL's Georgetown Raiders this season after playing previously for New England prep powerhouse Salisbury School. But stay tuned.

1. Penn State Men's Hockey - Meet the Freshmen, Part I

It's better than Wawa.

Yes, I'm going to keep hammering on that.

Best of the Rest

No, not that one. Thankfully.

SG Horton Distinguished Speaker: Alec Baldwin

Penn State's game on October 20th is, of course, the centerpiece of RIT's Brick City Homecoming Weekend. Due to ticket demand, the game itself will be at Blue Cross Arena - not the Tigers' usual home - and is expected to draw upwards of 10,000 people. That figure will likely represent the largest crowd to ever watch a Penn State hockey game. It will be the first test for PSU's varsity squad against a respected DI opponent (sorry AIC, but uhh...). And because it's their homecoming (building homecoming around hockey is a pile of awesome, by the way), the entire weekend is going to be packed with events, one of those being Alec Freaking Baldwin.

Seriously, if you can't find a reason to make the roadie somewhere in that mess of a paragraph, there's something wrong with you.

Penn State Ice Hockey - Ticket Reservation [PDF]

The Penn State Worthington Scranton alumni are organizing a trip to the October 13th Penn State-American International game in Wilkes-Barre. Glad someone is excited that the game was moved there.

Tickets for that game, by the way, officially go on sale September 17th.

20 years in NHL, Walkom still eager to get on ice
(North Bay Nugget)

Stephen Walkom sort of gets the short end of the stick when it comes to the "famous Penn State hockey dads" category. While that's understandable to a point, with Eddie Olczyk also in the club, Walkom is every bit as accomplished in the world of NHL officiating as Olczyk was as a player and is as a broadcaster. He gets a nice feature here in his hometown paper to mark 20 years as a referee in the world's best hockey league.

Daughter Stephanie, a Pittsburgh Penguins Elite product along with fellow freshmen Darby Kern and Jill Holdcroft, gets a shout at the end. The only problem is that she's mentioned, essentially, as something for Stephen to do if the NHL is locked out for part or all of the coming season. No offense Steph, but I hope your dad doesn't make too many PSU games this year.

Sooners add four more commitments for 2012-2013

Just another reminder that NCAA status, in and of itself, is not a force field - ACHA Penn State beat both Wayne State and Robert Morris in the first couple DI seasons of those two programs.

Yes, I do believe 2012-2013 Penn State will be better than 1999-2000 Wayne State or 2005-2006 Robert Morris (both of which outshot PSU by wide margins, it should be said). But I also believe that ACHA teams, including the Sooners and Arizona State, are recruiting off the charts compared to PSU then, even though it wasn't that long ago. That's actually pretty easily explained, in my opinion: hockey is growing, but NCAA Division I hockey is not, at least in terms of the number of programs and therefore scholarships.

To be perfectly clear, I believe that the Nittany Lions SHOULD take all six ACHA games. But I also believe that those expecting an LVC-style walkover will be disappointed, and a stunner isn't completely off the table if PSU doesn't come to play and the opponent gets a little - or a lot of - puck luck.

Former Olympian McLaughlin Named Assistant Coach

Brianne McLaughlin, a Sheffield Village, OH native (as I'm obligated to point out) and a former standout RMU goaltender who was already a volunteer assistant last season, has been hired as a full assistant for the defending CHA tournament champs. As the headline indicates, she was a member of the U.S. Olympic Team, winning a silver medal in Vancouver two years ago. She also has a gold medal from the 2011 IIHF World Championships.

Cornell has partied with the Whitelaw Cup more than any other program.

ECAC Championships From AC to the Adirondacks
(Where Angels Fear To Tread)

Everything dies, baby that's a fact. But maybe everything that dies someday comes back.*

If you put your makeup on, fix your hair up pretty and meet me tonight in Atlantic City*...well, you're probably going to miss the ECAC Championships. Because in this case, the thing that's died and come back is Lake Placid, NY as the tournament's host, beginning with the 2013-2014 season.

Seeking more in-depth analysis on the move than you'll find anywhere else? WAFT, a new Cornell blog, has you covered. Seeking relatively shallow analysis? I like the move and hope it pays off in terms of attendance and possibly getting the ECAC finals back on TV.

* Bruce Springsteen has now crept from mere song title references in post headings to quotation of lyrics in the post proper. Feel free to seek shelter.

CHL vs. NCAA: OHL Drops Hammer on Windsor Spitfires
(The United States of Hockey)

The link characterizes the college hockey community's reaction to the OHL's sanctions levied last week against the Windsor Spitfires for improper recruitment and benefits as a "schadenfreude-induced frenzy." I quite like that, well done Mr. Peters. Admittedly, it was a little difficult for me to engage that line of thinking until recently, since the CHL demon hadn't yet struck too close to home. But in light of this week's second star... hahahahahahaha suck it Windsor.

In all seriousness, if this is the first domino to fall - because Windsor is almost certainly not the only CHL team offering money (allegedly...don't want to be sued) to potential defections - good for college hockey. And ultimately, despite the potential black eye, good for the CHL too, because competitive balance and fairness are cornerstones of any great league.

Most Popular Sports Teams from All of the United States
(Bleacher Report)

Say what you will about b/r, but only if you admit that you like a completely subjective and/or factually inaccurate slideshow once in a while. I'm linking this one because shockingly, a college hockey team is named as the most popular team in one state. No, it's not Massachusetts (Boston Red Sox), Michigan (University of Michigan football) or Minnesota (Minnesota Vikings). It's not even North Dakota, decidedly a candidate due to it being a barren wasteland with six residents, four of which are Flickertails fans (they also got the Vikings, who more or less owned the upper midwest, although UND hockey did get a mention).

Done guessing? It's Alaska and the University of Alaska-Anchorage Seawolves, Justin Kirchhevel's former school. Wait, UAA? I thought Nanook blew them up.

Oh, okay, he smashed a ship called "The Seawolf" with a lightning-fueled hockey stick fashioned from his bare paws, then blew up the campuses of Ohio State, Michigan State and Miami. After that, he blew up the whole planet (by dropping a bomb into a volcano, which doesn't seem like it would work) and flew through a black hole to...a rink in Fairbanks, AK. My mistake.

Hockey Announces 2012-13 Schedule

Alabama-Huntsville opens their season with ACHA D3 Alabama. I don't think I need to say any more about this.

New contracts with foreign players
( via Google Translate)

Former RPI great Oren Eizenman, brother of Icers legend Alon, is now playing for something called the Nippon Paper Cranes. If you need him.


  1. Not going to lie, the video of Nanook is always hilarious.

    The Skoff video is pretty legit as well. I was very entertained when I first saw it.

  2. I generally figure out a way to shoehorn that in any time Alaska comes up haha...of everything in that video, I'm most bothered by the fact that the Carlson Center survived Earth's destruction completely intact and filled with people, floating out there on a chunk of its former planet. Well, until Nanook crashes through the roof and ruins one end of the surface with his exploding slapshot.

    Actually, watching it again (yes, I did), I'd like to know who managed to trap him in a block of ice in the Bering Strait (or wherever the story begins) in the first place, and why he/she/it was unable to stop him a second time. I'd also like to know what became of his wingmen, but I've wondered that for a while. And why bother torpedoing MSU, OSU and Miami if you're just going to wipe out Earth anyway?

    Discussing plot holes in the legendary UAF intro...yep, new low for this blog.